Sparkling Orange Juice & Honey

Freshly squeezed orange juice is one of my favourite drinks ever since I was a kid. Occasssionally, I settle for supermarket orange juice. But depending on the brand you buy, some can be overly sweet and acidic. It’s not really how I like my orange juice, to be honest.

When the Orange Farmers’ Market welcomed truck loads of oranges, I jumped at the opportunity to buy them from the growers. This somehow makes me feel better as a consumer. Although they all came in different sizes, slightly freckled and matte (not glossy), I happily embraced their imperfection as I know if I were to grow them myself, they will look similar to these.

When these came home with me, I know immediately I wanted to make my own freshly squeezed orange juice and honey, just like how my mum used to make it for me. I even used an old fashion glass juicer, similar to the one owned by my mum.  The only twist I’ve made is to top the juice up with sparkling mineral water. A little touch which makes orange juice even more refreshing!

Sparkling Orange Juice & Honey

What you’ll need to fill a 220ml/7.4 fluid ounces glass:-

  • 1 orange (you can have more oranges if you wish)
  • 1 tsp honey *adjust to taste*
  • Sparkling mineral water to fill the glass

(1) Juice an orange and then transfer the juice into a glass. (2) Stir in honey until it dissolves in the juice. (3) Fill  the glass with sparkling mineral water. Serve immediately.

Note – It takes some time to dissolve the honey in the orange juice. You can add a tiny bit of hot water to help the honey to dissolve but I have read that high temperature will ruin some of the good properties in the honey.


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One thought on “Sparkling Orange Juice & Honey

  1. I’m definitely going to try this soon. I love mixing fresh citrus with sparkling water, and adding honey seems like a good way to add just the right amount of sweetness. Like you, I don’t like these kinds of drinks too sweet. And you are very right that homegrown oranges are imperfect on the outside but better on the inside-where it counts!

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