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[Healthy Lunch Box Recipe] Quinoa Flakes, Feta, Roasted Capsicum & Corn Savoury Muffins

Quinoa Flakes, Feta, Roasted Capsicum & Corn Savoury Muffins |

My beloved and I often bring packed lunch to work. What started out as a money saving exercise has morphed into our lifestyle which we thoroughly enjoy.

Our packed lunches have been leftovers from the night before. Then, I decided to make the good old fashion cold cuts and salad sandwiches for lunch. I confess that my sandwiches phase did not last long and somehow savoury muffins seemed like the next best thing to venture into.

[Meat Free Brunch Recipe] Avocado & Halloumi Bruschetta

Avocado & Halloumi Bruschetta  |
Hi friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I had spent my weekend catching up on the fourth season of Games of Thrones and snacking. I know, I know, it was not an overly productive weekend but I can now say that I have finally caught up with the show and joined the GoT debriefing at work ha!

Anyway, I have managed to squeeze in a grocery trip to Woolworths which was where I got sucked into a pile of ripen avocados as I entered the shop. They screamed fresh guacomole and corn chips – an opportunity which was too irresistible to be overlooked albeit costing me $2.98 a pop!

[Gluten Free Recipe] Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Cavolo Nero Coconut Curry

Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Cavolo Nero Curry |

After an indulgent trip to Melbourne last week, tasting from lemon, lime and bitters dessert featured on Masterchef to tapas at the Gazi restaurant,  I had a sudden craving of vegetables packed meal at home. Do you feel the same way after returning from a trip?

Inspired by Crepes of Wrath’s green chickpea and chicken coconut curry with swiss chard, I’ve made a meat free version with sweet potato, chickpea and cavolo nero (a lot of it!!).  A girl has to make the full of kale season right?