Cheat’s Chicken Rice

Brought to you by Nuffnang and SunRice Do you miss the delicious Chicken Rice which you had a taste of when traveling abroad? This Cheat’s Chicken Rice recipe is the answer to your cravings! It is a foil-packet chicken recipe which ensures the essence of Hainanese Chicken Rice flavours minus the effort, a perfect winter […]

Angry Birds Toasts (Meet Red) – Inspired by Pan Con Tomate (Spanish Style Tomato Bread) – Video Incl

The wait is over. The Angry Birds Movie is finally here!! I was drawn to the trailer so much especially since it includes one of my all time favourite songs, Close To You by the Carpenters. We went to watch the movie last weekend and if you are a fan of animated movies, you will like […]

5 Ingredients Home-Baked Fish Fingers Recipe | Healthy Party Food

This delicious and easy to make home baked fish  fingers recipe is a keeper for this holiday season. Don’t we all love a healthier party food? Since my baked chicken parmigiana has turned out to be a great success, my oven has been working overdrive baking crumbed chicken (case in point my chicken katsu curry don). Well, my […]