Inspirations – Pantry Organizations

The state of my pantry has been bugging me a lot lately.

I must admit I’m an impulse buyer of groceries (a tell tail sign that you’re a foodie, perhaps?). Coupled with the generous size of my kitchen pantry,  I might have gone overboard in filling up the space with spices, dry ingredients and canned foods.

Based on my current estimation, I may have enough food for a month without grocery shopping. Is this bad?

Well, the ‘rule’ is when it takes you longer than usual to find one thing, it means it’s time to get organize. Unfortunately the time has arrived and I have to get my act together to tidy (and even beautify) my pantry.

The following are how my imaginary pantry would look like:-

image from Closet Tailors

image from Paradise Closets

image from The Container Store


Little things that could make a difference…

clockwise from top right:  images from Real Simple, By Water Boo, Courier Mail & Decorology)

How I wish my pantry is in such pristine and color co-ordinated at all times. Is this is even possible?

I would love to hear your tips on decluttering your pantry.  🙂

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