Gift Wrapping Ideas {With Brown Paper}


Shopping for gifts is a big task but when it comes to gift wrapping, it is the best part! This is when you can get your creative juices flow freely and I love seeing beautifully packaged gifts. They don’t have to be perfectly wrapped. They can look all rustic and personal which made the gifts even more special. 🙂

This year, I have been loving brown paper as a gift wrapper. The organic feel of brown paper adds “warmth” to the gift. That’s just my personal opinion. I have looked up a couple of images to inspire myself. I hope they inspire you too!


  1. Instead of the conventional ribbons, why not spruce up the gifts with fabric trims i.e. lace, poms-poms, sequins… (source from the DIY Network)
  2. Scrapbook elements are not limited to… well.. scrapbooking. Any odds and ends from your favourite activity can be handy in your annual christmas gift wrapping too! (Source from the
  3. I love paper doilies. You can get them quite inexpensively from dollar stores…. With their instricate details, they immediately add elegance to the brown paper. (source from Mondocherry)
  4. Another use of unwanted magazines (or glossy brochures)? Why not layer them over the brown paper and finish off the gift with a twine? (source from
  5. Use vintage paper coaster, old greeting cards and ribbons – it’s all about making the best of what you already have. (source from Inspiration for Home)
  6. Children can contribute to gift wrapping process too. Spruce up the brown paper wrapped gifts with your children’s paper cutouts. You can’t get more personal and meaningful as this one. 🙂 (Source from Inspiration for Home)
  7. If you love the paper doilies idea but you have none in house, you can cut out paper snowflakes with colour papers to decorate your gifts. (source from Budget Decorating)
  8. Last but not least, make a couple of cute yarn poms poms and in substitute of ribbon. Only if time permits. 😉 (Source from Inspiration for Home)

Get yourself a nice hot cuppa, your favourite Christmas playlist playing and get started. Happy wrapping everyone! I shall leave you with a video instruction on how to make your own yarm poms poms. xoxo Emily

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