Christmas Food Craft Ideas

As food is on my mind 24/7 and my longtime fantasy of living in a gingerbread house, I am inspired to make my own Christmas tree ornaments with materials none other than, edibles! I am hoping to make popcorn garlands and maybe one of these super adorable and unique ornaments that is drool worthy! Oh I’m feeling all “crafty” alright! 😀

1. Cinnamon Stick Bundles

2. Gumdrop Christmas Tree Balls

3. Christmas Popcorn Balls

4. Pasta Snowflakes

5. Peppermint Tree

6. Lollipop Tree

7. Cinnamon Christmas Star

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Food Craft Ideas

  1. My son was intrigued when reading this line on your blog …ese crafts would help.I love all of these ideas! SO creative!!!Oh how fun! Love the cinnamon stick bundles… it also bring back to mind about the day I ran into my wife.

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