Buttery Chic

Who doesn’t love toasts with butter?

I can’t have soup without them.

I love having them with a light sprinkling of sugar for breakfast.

I love tainting them with a light sweep of Vegemite in between meals.

Although the process from making to eating buttered toasts takes only a few minutes, I think it would be lovely to have an eye candy around while chomping on toasts. I’m keen in looking for a better (prettier) option than my current butter storage situation – in a zip lock bag!

  1. Dee Puddy Porcelain ‘Grazing Cow’ Butter Dish £29.95
  2. The Secret Garden Glass Butter Dish USD$33.00
  3. Victoria’s Basement Blue Willow by William James – Butter Dish AUD$10.00
  4. Domayne Ecology Butter Dish AUD$11.86
  5. Anthropologie Tea and Toast Butter Dish USD$12.00
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