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Apron is often an overlooked accessory in the kitchen.  Unless you are working in a commercial kitchen where wearing an apron is a must, how many of us really wear aprons while cooking at home?  That said,  I do own a plain, unappealing burgundy coloured one lying somewhere in my kitchen storage – a clear sign that I rarely wear it. Ooopsie!

As I was doing my usual round of online shopping, I came across a couple of fabulous aprons, so fabulous that are worthy to be an outfit on its own. I’ve always have this eclectic taste in clothes (some would say “wacky”) but I couldn’t help to draw myself to Faith – Caramel cocktail apron (outfit No.6). Imagine this: a plain clingy black dress and hide the potential after-a-big-feast tummy fancy it up with this gorgeous frilly apron; then, complete the outfit with a pair of towering Christian Louboutin Classic Black Stiletto pumps (ok, maybe a knock-off version!), oh so glamorous, eh???  (G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah, G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S…. *Glamorous by Fergie playing in the background*)

Ok enough rambling from me. Before I continue to dream of turning my kitchen benchtop into a fashion runway, I’ve compiled some the collections which caught my attention. Enjoy! 😀

1. Cheetah – Black & Gold (cocktail apron) from Heavenly Hostess, USD$80

2. Mod Martini (reversible halter apron) from Heavenly Hostess, USD$85

3. Deco Dot – Bib Audrey Apron from Agnes Ross, USD$32.95

4. Cupcake Provocateur Dainty Damask Apron from Little Betsy Baker, AUD $54.95

5. French Lace – Bib Mia Apron from Agnes Ross, USD$32.95

6. Faith – Caramel (cocktail apron) from Heavenly Hostess, $80

7. Cupcake Provocateur Too Cute To Cook Apron from Little Betsy Baker, AUD $54.95

8. Highland Fling Apron from Anthropologie, USD$32.00

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9 thoughts on “Apron Couture

  1. Hello Emily,
    I love this post so much. Apron is a must for me because I worked as a chef but I just love all those aprons in your blog especially No. 2. Thank you for sharing this awesome post. I’m really appreciate. 😀

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