Hi guys,  I apologise for not posting for a while and don’t mean to leave you guys hanging without an update. I got into a car accident last Monday and have been trying to recover physically and emotionally from it.  Thank goodness I managed to walk away with minor injuries, so don’t worry!

I’m eager to get back to my blogging mode  and hoping to share more recipes with you very soon. 🙂

Bye for now and take care,


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8 thoughts on “Recovering…..

  1. …first time here (wandered in from Gourmet) and really hope that things are ok.. even if you don’t love your car more than your favorite knife, doctors and insurance people are trying on a good day – I wish you lots of fresh spring greens for healing (sha-cha and rice vinegar makes an interesting dressing for spicy greens, by the way…)

    hope you’re back soon, I’m enjoying your work 🙂

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