Orange FEAST Lemon Night


There’s a saying “too many cooks spoil the broth”.

However, in my first Orange Feast meeting, it turned out to be more like more hands make light work….

(Okay, maybe none of this makes much sense to you. I’m writing this post at 11.25 pm and just got back from my road trip to Sydney. Maybe I was still under the lingering effect of my travelling pill ha!)

So first question: what is Orange Feast (held in Orange) meeting all about?

It is basically a social club held every 3rd Friday each month whereby a group of ladies get together to cook, eat and talk about food.

{Team main dish – Katy was briefing us what needs to be done for making the Orriechetta with Lemon Zest, Basil and Chilli Garlic Masala, tweaked from David Bitton – A French-inspired cafe cookbook. Recipe is available here.}

Two Fridays ago, I was invited to attend their third meeting and the theme was lemon. And yes, there’s a theme for each meeting. We were asked to bring our favourite lemon recipes to share and some lemony nibbles and snacks. My contribution was the lemon, leek and feta quiche. The structure for the night was this: we were splitted into the main dish and dessert teams. We prepared and cooked/baked together over tonnes of nibbles, wines, chatters and laugthers. I can only wish every kitchen adventure on my own was as fun as this.

{Shara from What Share Cooked was briefing team dessert about the Lemon Delicious recipe.}

  {End Result of our hard work}

{Fresh from the oven}

I would like to thank Katy and Shara for inviting me to the night out. If you live in Orange and interested in joining the next night out which will be on the 17th August 2012, let me know and I will relay it to the organisers (for now) until I can confirm the appropriate contact details. The theme will be pizza. 🙂

For more information and past meeting from the Orange Feast, please check out:

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