Night Market (F.O.O.D Week) Orange, NSW

F.O.O.D Week (Food Of Orange District) has to be one of the events in Orange that got me filled with excitement. The Week starts from 13th to to 22nd April and there are many events to keep the food lovers within the region happy chappy with the ultimate food and wine experience.

Wine tasting and tours, 100 Mile Dinner, tours of olive groves and olive oil tasting, luncheon hosted by the local bistro and restaurants, farm and orchard tours and various cooking classes i.e how to cooking with VerJus and hands-on Cider making – I do think that the events are quite extensive, imagine the 32-pages worth 2012 Program event booklet!

Besides enjoying the food and wine experience, it is also a good opportunity to discover who and what the local producers have to offer especially for those who are new to the Orange food scene i.e. me.  This is the second year I live in Orange and I confessed I have only attended a small fraction of these events last year. I hope to participate in more events this year, as well as taking photos of the events I have attended.  With my latest discovery of Instagram, I am hooked on taking pictures aside from my home cooked food and sharing on my blog… Honestly, this is some serious fun!

The Night Market is the opening event of the F.O.O.D week, which coincidentally falls on Friday, 13th. There were a couple of people wearing witches hats….which reminded me of Halloween.

I had a very good time at the Night Market. Not only I was surrounded by wonderful company, I was taken with the atmosphere – filled with chatters and laughter, people bursting with enthusiasm for quality food and wine. The hustle and bustle and the joyful atmosphere has somehow brought back some wonderful memories of my night market visits in Malaysia when I was a child. The highlight of the Night Market for me is for the first time in my life, I ate Venison sausages. It was surprisingly delicious that I temporarily blocked off my affection to my childhood favourite character, Bambi.

So here’re the snippets of my trip to the Night Market. Enjoy.




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