Food Affair (F.O.O.D Week) Orange, NSW

I am still getting over the fact that F.O.O.D Week has finished seven days ago. Not to mention the food-hangover that I have pleasantly brought onto myself, ha!

I feel the F.O.O.D Week has really brought out the best of Orange region – good wines, fresh and delicious food sourced from local producers and the beautiful Autumn scenary in Orange as a backdrop of various events. Besides a marathon of wine and food tasting, there were cooking masterclasses (i.e cider making), visiting of olive groves, farms, vineyards and orchards which made me appreciate cooking even more and has helped me in understanding the importance of supporting the local producers.

Sadly, all good things have to come to an end. The F.O.O.D Affair was the finale of the F.O.O.D Week where stalls representing the Orange finest wine and food surrounded the compound of the Orange Regional Gallery Northcourt. Even though it was quite similar to the Night Market (with the same white tents and familiar stallers) but with a different location this time, and despite the weather was on the verge of rain, it didn’t affect the huge turnout. It seemed that people were trying to savour every last bit of F.O.O.D Week before it was officially ended.  Here are the photos I took during the event:-

{Word of Mouth Wines}

 {Angullong Vineyard}

{Charles Sturt University Winery}

{Country Style Magazine – they were giving out free magazines. Free mags I likey!}

{I bought two things at the event: (1) Cold pressed Pink Lady apple juice. Best apple juice ever…and boy, that’s how apple juice supposed to be! (2) Duck sausage sandwich by Eighteen 70 – I should have gotten a second sandwich. #regret}

{Fourjay Farms –  a hazelnuts grower at Forest Reefs, south of Orange, NSW}

Last but not least, Kate Bracks, Orange’s famous export…. and also the winner of 2011 Masterchef’ Australia, hosted the Producers’ Pantry – a cooking demonstration with the local produce. Star- strucked? Hell ya!!

So what’s next for Orange? There will be Orange show coming up (5th & 6th May) but what I really looking forward to attend is the Apple festival starting from 11th to 13th May 2012. 🙂 What can I say, I love all things apple and I didn’t mean Macintosh! ;P

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