Out and About in Canberra, ACT

{Australian Parliament House, Canberra}

I have been away from home for the last five days chaperoning my beloved to Canberra for his work confence. Whilst it is all work for him, I was responsible for the fun stuff  such as eating, shopping and a bit of sightseeing. Poor me eh? Haha!

As a result of my time away, the “in my grocery” series was on hiatus for this week and will resume next week. 😛 Hence the part title of  “empty grocery bag”. ( Can you believe it, I haven’t got a chance to do any grocery yet. Disorganise…yes!)

If you don’t know much about Canberra, here’re brief facts about this slick city of Australia (extracted from Wikipedia):-

There is one thing I love to do after a trip. No it’s not catching on my laundry nor checking the balance of my credit card but to reminisce. So please excuse my soppy self.

{Interesting structures surrounding the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) – Note – not only you’ll see unique structures likes these around NGA – according to In The City Magazine (available for free) there are many structures dotted all over the city – known as the Arts Trail}

{Well hello there, unidentified flying object! Just kidding, there’re actually strings holding the “ball” – not shown on the photo. :P}

{Visited the Renaissance exhibition at the NGA courtesy of San Remo}

{The view outside of Canberra Centre – the mall where I spent way too much time on}

{Homewares shopping – hoped to find some pretty props for my food shots and inspirations}

{And some pretty props for a pretty girl like moi *nausea*. Just kidding people! Just kidding… }

{With all the walking and lugging around my shopping bags, I need energy. Sizzling tofu & vegetables at Sammy’s Kitchen – to cleanse my palate from KFC we ate during our stop over in Cowra the night before (while on our way to Canberra).}

{Deep fried duck & leek gyoza at Wagamama. What was I thinking for ordering just 3? I’m hungry by just staring at the photo.}

{Chilli chicken ramen at Wagamama – let just say I would happily trade the ramen for more duck gyoza. I love chilli ramen that makes me hot and sweaty and let just say that this one didn’t rise to the occasion.}

{Pizza Gusto, Braddon – Double thumbs up from me. Thin home made crusts made with olive oil and good quality toppings. I called them my guilt-free woodfired pizzas.}

{Melanzane – tomato, bocconcini cheese and eggplant}

{Margherita – tomato, mozzarella, bocconcini cheese and fresh basil}

By the way, just a reminder that for those who live in Canberra, or anyone who wishes to attend the Renaissance exibition at the National Gallery of Australia,  the giveaway of free passes to attend the exhibition will end tomorrow. Read here for more details.

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