A Day Trip in Bathurst, NSW

{Vintage style lamp posts dot the city roads}

I resided in Bathurst for a year before moving back to Orange. Bathurst has eventually grown on me especially it has specialty shops that are not available in Orange. Plus, there’s Target in Bathurst. I love shopping in Target and it kinda sucks to drive 40 minutes just to shop in Target from Orange. But I suppose for city dwellers, 40 minutes drive from point A to B is no big deal. So please forgive me for being spoilt by the traffic-jam-free-and-everything-is-so-close-together-in-regional-towns lifestyle.

Anyway, two Saturdays ago, my beloved had to attend a work conference in Bathurst and I volunteered to accompany him with the desire of revisiting my favourite spots in Bathurst.

{The Begonia House in Machattie Park}

{I couldn’t resist to check out what’s new in The Naked Bud – a treasure trove of retro and vintage items and cloting.}

{Shops filled with partyware and decorative items have never failed to make me happy.  The Party Table is a place where I seek inspiration for styling my food photos. I love how the partyware is organised by various themes and colours. I love everything the shop has to offer, like a child in a candy store. And of course, I couldn’t help but to bring some chic napkins and girly baking cases home with me. :)}

{If you want a place to rest your tired soles and re-energised after hours of wandering around, The Hub is the place to be. Hip and modern decor, decent prices and most importantly great food – I thoroughly enjoy my vegetable plate with tempura tofu and haloumi. To quench my thirst, I’ve ordered the fruit juice of the day – apple and cranberry juice – and it was refreshing!}

{The sweet ending of the trip was the Annie’s ice cream parlour. When I was living in Bathurst, getting a small tub of homemade macademia ice cream used to be my Friday after-work routine.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find an ice cream shop in Orange that could rival Annie’s. Oh, and they make really good ice cream cakes too!}

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