Out & about: Dotted Eight Cafe & Studio, Orange NSW

I love a place that is filled with cafes. “Cafe crawling” is my favourite past time ever since I had my first sip of barista coffee and I  have always enjoy cafe food. Casual, no fuss and chic.  That’s what I’m talking about.

So here’s a new cafe in town (opened since September 2012) – the Dotted Eight Cafe & Studio on 45 Mcnamara Street (corner of Macnamara & Summer Street). Aside from churning out beautifully made Campos coffee (and I meant perfectly temperatured, creamy and “caramelly” coffee),  it has a professional recording facility.

They have good selections of breakfast and lunch options. The lunches I had so far has been delicious – satisfying portion (neither too much nor too little), freshly prepared and let’s just say the breakfast and lunch menu selections have something for everyone.

{ice coffee with vanilla ice cream on top}

{assorted sandwiches prepared by Dotted Eight for my work function}

{eggplant & zucchini lasagne tart with chips and salad}

 {lamb kofta with mash, yoghurt tzaziki and salad}

Dotted Eight Cafe & Studio

Website: www.dottedeight.com

Please visit their Facebook page should you wish to check out their other dishes and latest update.

FYI – They are available for catering and Christmas function.

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