Orange Theme & My Quick Friday Dinner

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Bathurst and wandering around for a day on my own while my beloved was atending a work conference. It was a beautiful day and it was nice to all day to myself. I have taken many photos during the trip and intend to dedicate a separate post on the shops and scenary that made me fall in love with Bathurst. After all I did spend a year living there and gradually, the place has grown in me.  Until then, here are bits and pieces of my trip and a photo of my expressive little conure, Mango, and last night’s dinner I quickly whipped up.

{An alley way on George St, Bathurst}

{Veggie plate with Tempura Tofu and Haloumi at the Hub, Bathurst – it was so delicious and flavoursome – seriously, meat dishes eat your heart out! lol}

{Stumbled upon a house filled with flawless Begonia – located at Machattie Park}

{Funnily, when I was typing this post, she was chewing another feather again. I always wonder why she does that. Maybe it’s like nail biting habit for humans, haha!}

{Vintage lamps – at the Naked Buds, Bathurst. This is a treasure trove of retro and vintage homewares, furniture, clothes, little trinkets etc.}

{Friday night dinner – I often crave Chinese takeaway and movies on a Friday night. Instead of buying… I try to emulate “Chinese takeaway food” at home. For this dish,  I added prawns, fresh Hokkein Noodles, garlic, fresh red chilli, choy sum, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil and white pepper.}

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