Orange Highland Wines & Gardens, Nashdale

Here’s another sight-seeing spot of Orange – Orange Highland Wines and Gardens which is located in Nashdale – 10 minutes away from Orange. A friend who lives there has recommended me to visit the beautiful garden, or… I shall say an award winning garden for it has garnered many local awards. Benefiting the sunny and surprisingly warm day today, I couldn’t find a better excuse to make my visit with a couple of friends. Coincidentally, it was the final station of Forage, a food and wine trail through vineywards of 3.5 kms where participants got to enjoy wine and food tasting every 500m or so (hence the mutiple stations) as part of the Food Week events.

{The first fews who made it to the finishing line, after 3.5 kms (about 2 miles). They didn’t seem to be dragging their feet or looked remotely exhausted. Contrary to what I reckon I would be like after walking for 3.5 kms, they all looked relaxed and pumped up instead. This could be because of the fine food and wine they tasted along the way? πŸ˜› }

{vineyward view}

I spent about an hour and a half exploring different sections of the garden, snapping photos (of course) while my friends were off sampling their Award-Wining wines.

Off topic – While I was out exploring, I was cooking lamb curry with my brand new slow cooker bought from Big W for $30 (what a steal!!). Talk about multi-tasking huh? With that, I have been cooking red meat curry using a slow cooker – more often than before – to my beloved’s happiness. The best part is I can still enjoy melt-in-your mouth meat texture while out shopping working most of the day and still have my meal ready when I come back minus the worry of keeping the stove running in my absence. Boy, I should have gotten a slow cooker ealier in my life! πŸ™‚

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekends!



{Lamb and potato curry – I’ve just realised I haven’t cooked lamb since last year}

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4 thoughts on “Orange Highland Wines & Gardens, Nashdale

    • Thanks Joe! It turned out beautifully… the potato and the lamb…all melt in your mouth. Simply delicious. I’m sure you will enjoy it. πŸ™‚

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