Orange Apple Festival – Orange Regions Farmers Market

It may seem like yesterday that I posted about my trip to the Farmers Market in conjunction to F.O.O.D Week and here I am again, with another post about the Orange Farmers Market. This time was a part of the three-day celebration of Orange Apple Festival. Whether it was F.O.O.D Week or the Apple Festival, they were somehow scheduled in a way to coincide with the once a month Farmers Market in Orange. Repetitive maybe, but I’m not complaining. I have always anticipated my trip to Farmers Market. I envy those who can go on a weekly basis. 😉

(To my non-Australian readers – it wasn’t a celebration of the fruits, oranges and apples. In case you’re wondering where were the oranges in the photo below, it was a celebration of apples (only) in a regional town called Orange in New South Wales – 3.5 hours away from Sydney.)

{Here an overview of the Orange Showground where the Farmer Market was held. Blooper alert! I actually went to the wrong location. The last farmers market was held near the Orange Library and I went straight there without checking the change of location to the Orange Showground. No big dramas though, as these two locations were just 10 minutes apart. But this shows I can be a bit…of a ditz sometimes haha!}

{Apple bobbing – it is harder than it looks! Don’t you agree?}

{The motto of the Festival “celebrating all things apples” was certainly true to its words!}

{Abilene Grove EVOO, Borenore NSW}

{Clockwise from top left – Greentreeshouse, Bodhi Garden (Vegetarian restaurant), Nashdale Orchardist, Bakehouse On Wentworth}


{Sampling fun! I got to try 2 very different cordials (i) rhubarb and elderflower and (ii) ginger and elderflower from Jarojill Estate. I decided on the ginger one as it tasted so good as a hot drink and simply perfect for the cold season. I have been told that Whiteys Pies are well-known in Orange. I got to try a small slice of an apple pie sample…which led me to bring 2 mini apple pies home with me. 😉  }

{Got some kale, garlic and purple potatoes from The Farm Gate, Nashdale.}

{For more information on the festival, please check out the official website here}



And here are the food I brought back from the market…

and  my loot of fruits and vegetables which I talked more about them here.

 Note – This is not a sponsored post nor I have received any compensation or remuneration in relation to this post.

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