My week, in a nutshell…

It has been a while since I did my weekly recap. Some weeks can be absolutely crazy with new and exciting stuff and some weeks can be monotonous. You know work, eat & sleep kind of routine.

The past week has been semi exciting…partly because it was my beloved’s birthday week which I have mentioned briefly here. And I missed doing  the weekly recap and photographing random things during the week. I feel photographing snippets of life makes life seems a little more interesting.  I love reminiscing…do you?

Someone played a prank on my beloved by sending him a small bouquet of flowers on his birthday without a name. Let just say my dining table has the sweet end on the bargain. How pretty are the colourful gerberas?

 I have been adding kiwi fruits into my morning smoothie. And it is not strange at all!

Homemade fried shallots – I have made this twice last week. I think it has something to do with me garnishing everything with  fried shallots. Do you know they can be addictive eaten on its own?  😛

A friend brought this to a dinner party and it has been our choice of dessert ever since. This Bambino Cones by Gelatissimo taste amazing. I really have to fight hard not to finish the whole bucket in one sitting. Self control, Ms Tan…tsk tsk.. 😛

We have hand cut chips and hand roll sushi. I thought why not hand wiped floor? Tiled floor can be tricky to clean especially the hard water stains. I have been hand wiping the floors almost on a weekly basis. Speaking of doing it old school eh? haha.. Anyway, it was a good workout and I got my squats covered. ;P

Hope you all had a fun weekend! xoxo Emily

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