I miss sunbathing…

I miss the sunlight

I miss the warmth

Cold weather and flu please go away!

{Say hello to my 1-year-old sun conure, Mango, or Mang-mang whom I affectionately call}

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4 thoughts on “I miss sunbathing…

  1. Cute! I have a budgie and I wish he were this friendly! He likes to play tap on my finger but he’s not very keen on touching. I had a mysterious summer cold, too. Just got over it. I like the homeopathic medicine from Boiron. It always kicks my colds away much faster than if I took something else. Feel better soon!

    • I have another one called Pineapple but she is not as friendly as Mango and thereforer she was excluded from the photo, haha! My beloved and I spent a lot of time with Mango so that she’ll be more comfortable with playing and cuddling us.

      I’ve been surrounded by people with coughs and flu…. I’m feeling better than last week but occasional coughs are lingering still. Good to hear that you’ve recovered…and thanks for the comment. 🙂

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