Graze Brasserie, North Orange (NSW)

I originally planned for a productive time off on Friday (i.e. household chores, organising paperwork for 2012 tax return). However, a late morning start led to I-want-to-go-out-and-enjoy-the-beautiful-sunny-day-in-Orange, I tossed my original plan out of the window and somehow found my way to catch up on “me time” instead.

My me time entails a trip down to the City of Orange and a two-course meal at the newish restaurant in North Orange, Graze Brasserie. Who cares about being productive when you can be out and about on a beautiful day right? 😉

I have frequented Graze Brasserie once before for breakfast. The breakfast was delicious and the atmosphere was relaxing and cosy. So I thought why not going back to try its main dishes. And boy, I’m glad I did!

{Pan Roasted 200g Scotch Fillet with Potato Gratin, Olive & Anchovy Butter and Broccolini, $30}

{Turkish Delight Parfait with Strawberry Jus & Watermelon Sorbet, $14.50}

For more information:-

Please visit the website; and

Read here for more coverage about this Brasserie by our local newspaper.

PS: Graze Brasserie is catering for Christmas in July and hence, the Christmassy decoration.

** EDIT on 02/02/2014** The Graze Brasserie has closed down.

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