Life Update: New Job, Purple & More Food Adventures!

[A Dose of Em] New Job, Purple & More Food Adventures |

Yay for completing the first week for my new job! The big adjustment is definitely the commuting part: two trams and one train, which makes me reminisce my 10 minutes commute between home to work in Orange.  Thankfully, I go pass the Melbourne CBD everyday, which means exciting street watching which I find to be quite therapeutic. #AmIaWeirdo?

[A Dose of Em] New Job, Purple & More Food Adventures |

Just purchased my first purple handbag by Kelly Lippman at a pop up sample sale in my neighbourhood. If you haven’t heard of her, she is the Creative Director of Olga Berg. I am so obsess with this bag: sturdy, roomy but not too oversize and there’s an external zip pocket for easy access to my myki card.  As I am not a big fan of colour blocking, I have been trying to match my outfit with the new bag. The above was one of the many purple outfits I have been rocking a lot lately ha!

[A Dose of Em] New Job, Purple & More Food Adventures |

The Emporium Melbourne is my favourite place to shop at the moment. I promise there’s a lot of window shopping, not the actual shopping. 😉 Having said that, I have realised my Christmas wishlist is getting longer. I’ve also been frequenting a Malaysian eatery called Chinta Ria which I think is fast becoming my go-to place for Malaysian food. The above is chicken and veg tossed with hokkien noodles in a dark thick soy sauce, something like KL (Kuala Lumpur) Hokkien Mee.

[A Dose of Em] New Job, Purple & More Food Adventures |

Sweet and sour chicken with rice and papadams? What’s going on here? *wink*

My beloved took me to Cinnamon’s Restaurant and Bar for lunch. Sri Lankan cuisine would be the last thing I would associate this restaurant with. Contrary to its name, the dishes over there are not apologetic in terms of chilli and spices front.  This place came highly recommended by a Sri Lankan friend. He told us this is THE PLACE to get authentic Sri Lankan food. The dish above is called devilled chicken – a lovely dish made of twice cooked chicken sauteed with hot chilli peppers, shallots & rich tomato sauce. I have since tried the Chicken Briyani, lamb curry,  coconut sambol….they were all too delicious! I am looking forward to try hoppers for my next visit.

[A Dose of Em] New Job, Purple & More Food Adventures |

Yup more pho photos!

I believe I shared a pho photo not too long ago. This time I went to Pho Chu Le in Springvale as per another friend’s recommendation. It seems to me that pho lovers are attached to their own favourite pho places, like cafes to me I suppose. 🙂

Until next time, hope you all have a fantastic week ahead! x Emily

(All photos were taken from my instagram account @FussFreeCooking)

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