Upcycling empty sauce bottle {DIY Twine Wrapped Bottle}

Upcycling empty sauce bottle {DIY Twine Wrapped Bottle} a1

With the amount of cooking I have done at home, you can imagine the amount of empty bottles that I’ve accumulated.  I find it hard to throw them away as they can be quite useful round the house. After all they can be re-used as utensil holders, make-up brush holders, pen holders, pantry storage, hipster mugs and my favourite, vases. 

I have not really thought of decorating the bottles except for painting them with chalkboard paints. I was drawn to the coastal vibe of a twine wrapped bottle and it was surprisingly quite easy to do. Depending on the thickness of the twine you’re using (the thicker the twine, the faster to cover the surface area), you have to be patient with the wrapping process. Other than that, it was a therapeutic process, similar to sauteing vegetables or whipping cream. 😉









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  1. These beautiful twine bottles are great centerpieces. They can be used as flower vases as well as table numbers. We do not recommend using them as candle holders or placing them near an open flame. These vases can easily be reused as decorations or design elements in the home. Supplies are inexpensive-aside from empty wine bottles, there are only five elements to purchase that shouldn’t cost anymore than fifteen dollars. You can save money by reusing old wine bottles.

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