DIY Tray – Mother’s Day Gift Idea

When I think of Mother’s Day, I think of breakfast in bed for mums.

I know it may not be the most creative idea in the book but it is my idea of pampering my mum. So if you wish to make something more than just a card (and why not throw in a breakfast in bed?), hopefully this DIY tray will be an inspiration. I love the fact you can double the tray as a “greeting card” by adding the things you want to say to her on Mother’s Day on the tray. Don’t you just love making customised items?

DIY Tray

What you need:-

  • Floater photo frame (I used a collage floater photo frame which holds 3 10x15cm/4×6 inches)
  • Fabric (I used unwanted quilting fabric bought from a thrift st0re)
  • Scissors
  • Ball point pen
  • Marker Paper
  • Cellophane Tape (or double sided tape or glue)
  • Doilies paper

{Photo A- An overview of a floater photo frame}

Let’s start:-

(1) Remove the backing  board, mat board, sample photos and glass. Use the backing board as a guide, outline the fabric with a pen. Use a scissor to cut according to the outline. Set aside. (2) Place the backing board back to where the glass used to be (on photo A, it is the upper section of the frame). (3) Place the fabric which you’ve just cut up. (4) Arrange the doilies papers on the fabric according to your preference. Once you are happy with their positions, use a double sided tape or glue or in my case, I folded the cellophane tape like the picture above, secure the doilies paper on the fabric. (4) Write the message you want on the doilies paper. Then place the glass on top to cover backing board, fabric and doilies paper. (5) Bend the clips around the frame to secure the glass. Hope you all have a fabulous time with your mums tomorrow! 🙂

{I love you, Mum!}



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