Chocolate @ No. 5, Hahndorf, South Australia


I have always wanted to visit South Australia (SA). The 2012 Eat Drink Blog was the excuse I needed to visit the foodie haven. After spending 2 full days at the conference, I make sure that I spared another full day to do the touristy stuff.

The first place I visited was Hahndorf, Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement. My friends who had been to SA recommended visiting this place is a must. There were so many shops to go through and so much shopping to do. After a couple of hours of strolling, we took a short and necessary break at Chocolate at No.5, following the recommendation of an Adelaide friend, of course!

Locating the other end of the main street away from the entrance to Hahndorf, I couldn’t have walked all the way to the cafe without my friend’s recommendation. I was delighted to discover this cosy little gem with really nice coffee, dessert and chocolate treats. If you happened to visit Hahndorf next time, it’s worth checking out Chocolate at No.5.

I shall let my photos speak for themselves now (taken from my Samsung Galaxy SII, downloaded from my Instagram). 🙂


{An overview of the interior except for the first pic on the top right hand side. There are a couple of cosy little nooks which I thought would make an ideal dating spot. ;)}


{Our dessert spread on that day.}


{How cute was the stenciled chocolate powder on top of our soy cappuccino?}


{White chocolate and caramelised pineapple Belgium waffle. Unsual combination but I thought it worked really well together. The richness of melted white chcolate was well balanced with the caramelised pineapple. I will re-order this if I were to go back there again!}


{Milk chocolate and banana Belgium waffle. We all know chocolate and banana compliment each other. So it is no surprise the dish turned out to be satisfying.} a2

{Merchandise available at the shop. I ended up with the Christmas candles, one with gingerbread scented and the other one was cinnamon spiced. Oh yeah, they are super yummy scented! And I got some chocolate coated almonds and almonds chocolate bark as souvenirs for friends. Let’s just say I earned some friendly credits from these wonderful merchandise. :P}


Chocolate @ No.5

Address 5 Main Street, Hahndorf SA 5245

Phone (08) 8388 1835


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