Burger Joint in Orange, NSW – Mackies Cafe

If you don’t have time to make burgers at home, one of the MUST-GO places to get your burger fix is Mackie’s Cafe. IMPRINT THIS ON YOUR BRAIN – no Macca, go Mackies! (Just kidding, I love’em both!)

It took me a long while to discover this jewel despite I drove pass this place almost everyday to get coffees.  The embarrasing part is it took one of my visiting friends to convince me to have lunch there (instead of the other way round, sigh!). I wasn’t really attracted to its exterior thinking it would be one of “those” takeaway places. Yes, I was being vain and almost missed the “awesome burger” boat. It’s definitely necessary to [insert don’t judge a book by its cover here].

Here’re some shots of the interior:

{Come to think of it, who am I to judge the decor? I’m pretty sure this place looks a million hundred’s time better than my messy house! It’s pretty rustic, no? Love those small antique stuffs they have there.}

Food shots:

{Regardless how awesome burgers are, you have to wash them down with chips! :P}

{My order –  the Plain Damper Burger for $10.50. It consists of beef pattie, onion, bbq sauce, cheese, lettuce, beetroot & tomato. The first thing which came to mind after the first bite was “it tastes like  a good homemade burger”. The pattie was nicely grilled and remained succulent. I kinda bumped out for not super sizing my order. Did I mention that the burgers here come in 2 sizes – regular & large?}

{The men had to “conquer” the large burgers, of course. No surprise there! For $5.50 more,  you can get the “large” sized “The Lot” Damper Burger for $17 or $11.50 for the lady-like, ooops, I meant the regular size. 😛 I don’t think the photo does justice to the burger because as it arrived, we all got a shock of its size. Just a warning, don’t try to order more than you can chew ok? It takes a real man (okay, a real woman also ;))  to finish this off!  Oh I almost forgot, the Lot consists of beef pattie, onion, BBQ sauce, cheese, egg, lettuce, beetroot, tomato, bacon and pineapple.}

PS: I was probably writing this out of guilt due to my initial impression of the place. But if you happen to drop by or drive pass Orange (yes, I’m looking at you Sydneysiders and the friendly regional neighbours), why not check this cool place out yourself. Good food, friendly service as well as casual and light ambience. How much can one ask for right?

PPS: If you think the cafe seemed a bit deserted it was because we arrived like 20 minutes before the closing time. Yes, we can be the wait staffs worst nightmare, haha!

Mackies Cafe

211 Byng Street

Orange, NSW 2800


Website: http://www.mackiescafe.com.au/

P/S: Mackies Cafe is closed at the moment and will be relocating to a new place. Looking forward to enjoy the new place and sink my teeth in the glorious, beefy burgers soon. 😛

** EDIT 02/02/2014** The Mackie’s Cafe is now open on 156 Peisley Street, ORANGE NSW 2800. Visit the Facebook Page here for more details.

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