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FREE Blog Ideas Printables from www.fussfreecooking.com

I remember when I first started blogging, all I can think about was blog content and ways I can make my blog to look better. Going through my photo archive on my old laptop, I have realised that over the 4 years of blogging, I have changed my blog header for over  20 times! Perhaps it was the excitement of starting something new but when I looked back, I could not help but to think that I was a woman obsessed!

Hmmmm… maybe I am still the same woman four years ago, still obsessing over blogging. I confess that my mind is often preoccupied with blog content. You know, something along the line of how I can add my personal twist to a classic dish, how I can simplify a recipe without jeopardising the flavours, how I can make my food looks photogenic etc., you’ll get the idea.

Free Blog Ideas Printable | www.fussfreecooking.com

It is important that during moments like this I should jot down whatever that crosses my mind. Especially when I had a “food blogger’s block” or in a cooking rut, I find it to be helpful going through my blog ideas scribbles for inspirations.

Rather that scribbling on random pieces of papers like what I used to do,  I have decided to dedicate a special section for blog ideas in my DIY A5-sized organiser. This gives me a good excuse to spend some time in designing a printable for blog ideas which will cater to my needs and I hope it will cater to yours too!

Free Blog Ideas Printable | www.fussfreecooking.com


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