Sparkling Espresso

I think it’s high time we add some fun into espresso, shall we?

Bubbly and cool, probably they are not the first few words you would use to describe an espresso. I was intrigued by the concept of sparkling espresso while flipping through a coffee table book while waiting for my coffee at my favourite cafe in Orange. As the book is not available for loan (obviously!), I was trying hard to remember the recipe and instructions which are on the Campos coffee feature page. After all photographic memory, I don’t have (channelling my inner Yoda ha!). And, I, before morning coffee is as good as a walking zombie.

Anyway, I have gone back to re-read the recipe for the third time now and I think I have pretty much included the information as per the book. One thing though, usually the grade-A baristas are quite technical and super precise with their instructions i.e. 6ml/ 0.2 fluid ounces of crema (foam) and the temperature of sparkling mineral should be at 1 degree C/33.8 degrees F. So what I am trying to say is I’m not really precise about this stuff and try to adapt the recipe according to my convenience and what I already have at home.

The result was a refreshing glass of espresso and in my opinion better than a straight black ice coffee which I sometimes buy from chained coffee shops. My beloved thought it tasted unusual and somewhat reminded him of Cola.  I was quite happy with the result and I cannot wait to make this my staple summer drink.

Sparkling Espresso

(Recipe adapted mostly from the Cafe Republic of Australia – Campos Coffee Recipe; also checked out  Corridor Kitchen to confirm the method)

What you need:-

  • A 220ml/7.4 fluid ounces latte cup (or a good quality glass cup which can withstand extreme temperature change)
  • Sparkling mineral water (try to get one with plastic bottle)
  • An espresso machine or coffee machine like Nespresso or Expressi
  • Freshly ground coffee (if using an espresso machine); or a coffee pot if using a coffee machine

 Let’s get started:-

(1) Chill the glass in a freezer until frosted. Also chill the sparkling mineral water in the fridge the night before. Just before making the sparkling espresso, place the sparkling mineral water in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes. According to the book, the temperature of the sparkling mineral water should be 1 dregree Celsius /33.8 degrees Fahrenheit. (2) To make the drink, pour sparkling mineral water into the frosted glass up to halfway. Then run your espresso machine or in my case, I used an Expressi coffee machine (settings: the smaller cup) to fill up the glass. Add more sparkling mineral water to fill the cup all the way if needed.

How to drink: According to the book, it is best to drink all at once.

PS: Check out Corridor Kitchen for a video instructions. You may notice Lau (the writer behind Corridor Kitchen) filled the glass with espresso then  the sparkling mineral water. I was worried about cracking the glass even though a heavy duty latte glass is used so I did it back to front.


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4 thoughts on “Sparkling Espresso

  1. This is such an interesting concept! I can’t quite handle straight espresso myself – I need some milk at least 🙂 – but it has piqued my curiosity, just as I guess it piqued yours!

  2. Oh hey, big shoutout to local region! Followed a link from tastespotting and found this post, did a bit of a double-take when I noticed you said you were from Orange- hi from Parkes 😀

    This looks super refreshing, I don’t even really like coffee and I’m thinking I might have to try this.

    Gorgeous photography, too!

    • Hi Elea,

      Yay to living in the same region! 🙂 How cool is this to meet via Tastespotting, in a way. Thanks for stopping by and hope the sparkling version will change ur mind about espresso.

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