Lemon, Poppy Seed & Olive Oil Loaf Cake

Lemon, Poppy Seed & Olive Oil Loaf Cake a3

I love citrus flavoured cakes. I love how grated peels bring freshness and aroma while baking in the oven. Often times, citrus makes cakes a little less rich than they actually are.  I have baked a number of citrus based cakes in past (see here and here) and they all turned to be wonderful morning tea cakes and/or afternoon pick-me-up.  In addition to adding citrus in my cakes, I have grown fond of substituting butter with cooking oil.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love butter. However as a spontaneous baker, the process of softening or melting butter can feel like a chore sometimes. You probably realize that I don’t have many baking recipes that require softened butter on this blog. I’m afraid to say that I’m not a purist when it comes to baking.

I came across this wonderful recipe from Gourmet Traveller on Lemon and Olive Oil loaf cake. The ingredient list is simple and it is something I can whip up whenever I feel like a break from my week days routine. Yesterday, I felt the need to bake for relaxation. It was a nice end to a hectic day with a fragrant and moist loaf cake.

Lemon, Poppy Seed & Olive Oil Loaf Cake a5

Lemon, Poppy Seed & Olive Oil Loaf Cake a6

Lemon, Poppy Seed & Olive Oil Loaf Cake a7

Lemon, Poppy Seed & Olive Oil Loaf Cake a8

Lemon, Poppy Seed & Olive Oil Loaf Cake a4

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7 thoughts on “Lemon, Poppy Seed & Olive Oil Loaf Cake

  1. Hi Emily:

    This looks delicious, and I’d love to make it soon. Do you know what temperature (Farhenheit) I should use when baking this in a glass loaf pan? I lower the temperature by 25 degrees F when baking with glass pans, but I’m not sure if I convert the 180 C to F then decrease the temperature by 25 F, or if I decrease the 180 C by 25 (F?) and then convert to F.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Karen,

      If I were you, I would convert from 180C to Fahrenheit which is 356F and then lower by 25F when baking with glass pans. I hope this helps and happy baking! xx Emily

      • Thank you! I’ll give it a try, hopefully in the next few days, and I’ll let you know. If I can’t bake in the next few days, I’ll be sure to let you know the results whenever I do bake this.


  2. Hi Emily,

    Just made this loaf, on the outside looks good bake and smells great but the amount of oil seems to be too much. I used less than the recommended 250ml (206ml to be precise!) and inside it’s still come out very oily, sadly.

    Have you had this problem? I’m guessing not as you’ve recommended using 250ml 😛


    • Hi James,

      I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t turn out well for you. I tried to go through the recipe and compared with the original recipe and the only change I’ve made was to reduce the sugar from 300g to 200g. No, I don’t have this problem and I could not think of a reason that may have caused this. 🙁

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