Green Juice (without a juicer) + An International Giveaway

a2 Green Juice

January is an interesting month. For me, it’s filled with the anticipation of what 2013 will have in store for me. It’s exhilarating and I am keen to start off 2013 on the right foot. With that being said, January is not only the month to kick start your healthy resolution, it’s also a perfect time to get your life organised.

How do you feel about a PRETTY and PERSONALISED planner from Personal-Planner to start your 2013?

a8 personal-planner

If the idea of customising your planner excites you, the Personal-Planner will be your playground. And this is why:-

  • You can change colour, text and design on front/back cover as well as inlay.
  • There are also clever boxes for to-do list, gym session, preschool, idea of the week and weather.
  • Friend’s and family member’s birthdays can also be added to the inlay directly from Facebook.
  • Choose between 4 different sizes
  • You pick the start date.
  • Ship free of charge internationally.

Essentially, their planners provide you with endless design possibilities. They print and deliver the finished product directly to our your doorstep. ·


Thanks to the folks at the Personal-Planner, one lucky Fuss Free Cooking reader will receive a Personalised Planner. The winner will receive a gift card (via email) from Personal-Planner and he/she will choose any planner in any size, and the shipping is already paid for.

To enter:-

Just write “enter me” in the comment box below AND “Like” their Facebook page.  I will select a winner randomly.


  • International entrants are accepted
  • Prize can not be exchanged for money
  • One entry per person
  • Entry is open from 28th January 2013 to 11th February 2013.

a4 Green Juice

Being organised and maintaning a healthier lifestyle have been on my mind towards the end of last year and I felt that I’ve made fairly good progress. Needless to say, I hope to continue the good work in 2013. 😉 Whilst juicing was not part of the equation last year, I was tempted to hop on the green juice bandwagon.

I decided not owning a juicer shouldn’t be the reason to keep me away from green juice. So I improvised. I was happy to stick to the makeshift method (using a sieve and a cheesecloth) until I am serious about incorporating juicing into my lifestyle. In terms of the ingredients, I added coconut water in an effort to make green juice tastes better. :p

Green Juice without a Juicer

What you’ll need to make 2 cups:-

  • 1 cup, tighly packed, baby spinach
  • 2 stalk of celery, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 cucumber, diced
  • Juice from 1/2 lime
  • 350ml (12 fl ounces) coconut water (choose a brand that is organic and no artificial flavour)

Other: Stick blender, jug, cheese cloth and a sieve

a7 Green Juice


In a tall tumbler, pack the spinach and celery, then add the lime juice and coconut water. Then blend over the low speed (be careful to avoid splashing) until the vegetables turn into really fine particles. Set up the “juicer” station by placing a sieve over a jug and a cheese cloth over the sieve. Slowly pour the mixture into the cheese cloth for the juice to go through the sieve (the process didn’t take long). Transfer the green juice into your favourite glass and enjoy! 🙂

a3 Green Juice


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    What a lovely idea for a giveaway. The planner looks beautiful, especially being able to personalise it. Am loving your colourful juice posts. I am thinking orange might be a great colour to do.


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