Cornflakes Crusted Grilled Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

I hope there is no age limit on loving grilled sandwiches for dinner.  To my beloved’s dismay at times, I love nothing more than grilled sandwiches or plain toasts with canned soup for dinner.  Men being men, it seems like the ideal men-approved dinners tend to revolve around plenty of carbs, meat and minimal veggies *sigh*. So in his eyes, grilled sandwiches and toasts belong to the snack category rather than main course. Fortunately for me, I have full control of the kitchen operation; unfortunately for him, he has to eat whatever the operator (me) produces. 😉

Tonight I was craving for some peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner and thanks for some leftovers from previous night,  my beloved’s dinner was covered.  Hence it would be wrong if I didn’t act on my PB&J cravings.

This time, however,  I wanted to stray a little from the conventional PB&J. I wanted a version which screamed decadence! Maybe it has something to do with the upcoming holiday huh? Still fresh from my previous cornflakes crusted “deep fried” wings recipe, I thought why not give my PB&J the first coating of beaten egg (to make a french toast) and followed by a crusty coating of handcrushed cornflakes?

Oh don’t mind me, as always, I’m on a quest to “crunchy-tize” my food. 😛



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45 thoughts on “Cornflakes Crusted Grilled Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

    • Aww, lucky you – having a husband and kids that will jump for joy over grilled sandwiches for supper (I’m assuming you meant dinner right? – In my household, supper means snack time before bed time)! 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy the sandwiches!

    • Oh you’re so sweet about the grilled sandwiches for dinner thing. The “adults” in my life will shake their heads at the idea *roll my eyes*

    • Hi Melissa,
      Wow every morning? I try to space it out, alternating between PB&J and cream cheese. Ok now, I see it in writing, I don’t see the whole point of spacing it out (I thought I was trying to be healthy). 😉

  1. This is like a next level of peanut butter jelly sandwich Emily! I really like your decoration and the plate is pretty.

    • Hehe, got some time to kill lately and hence the decoration. It’s actually a pine cone branch I picked from the Botanical Park where I live, didn’t know what to do with it at the time, but I needed to bring it home to add to my pile of “stuffs” I’ve been collecting, hehe!

  2. I came to your site for the lamb meatballs but, I’ll come back because of these fun sandwiches! What a really fun twist!

    We still have three days to enter our site’s birthday give away for a KitchenAid mixer. Come on over to and join the party!

    • Hi Sandy,
      I’m happy that you like both of my made-up recipes, hehe! Oh and thanks for the info on the giveaway, LOVE KitchenAid mixer, who doesn’t?

  3. What beautiful pictures! I am not a fan of a traditional pb&j (not that being cornflake crusted is traditional – I just don’t like jelly) but htis looks amazing!

    • Hi Kita,

      While we were going on and on about who doesn’t like PB&J, there you are ,hahaha! 😉
      Thanks for your lovely comment. 😀

  4. Just the photos made me so hungry! I haven’t had a sandwich dinner in such a long time… nor PB&J for that matter. They don’t even sell peanut butter at the shops here 🙁

    • Yeah, grilled sandwich is fun to make as well as to eat, hehehe! Just thought one can’t go wrong with PB&J sandwich….for snack as well as or dinner. 😛

  5. Emily:
    I think I’m going to try PB&J with a specialty flake like that’s got a little more punch. I was already hungry before I read this. Now I’m really hungry!!! Thanks for the beautiful new way to make my PB&J sing.

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