Baked Oatmeal with Bananas & Peanut Butter

The idea of adding rolled oats into my bakegoods is appealing to me. I love the scent of cooked oatmeal (weirdo?) and I feel great in eating it.

I have came across many baked oatmeal recipes on the internet lately. After scouting for a couple of recipes, I have changed them around to cater for what I have in my pantry. I am a big fan of having banana and maple syrup with my usual porridge. So I have decided to incorporate my favourite combination into the baked oatmeal.  As little “treats”, I have also sneaked in some peanut butter…just to give a little saltiness to balance out the sweet maple syrup. Plus peanut butter and bananas are amazing together!

Baked Oatmeal with Bananas & Peanut Butter

What you’ll need:-

  • 2 cups instant rolled oats
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 3 tbsps maple syrup
  • 6 – 7 tsps peanut butter (I used smooth, but crunchy would be fine too)
  • 2 bananas, sliced about half and inch (1cm) thick

(1) Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius (350 F). Lightly greased baking dish (27cm x 17cm/10 inches x 7inches) with flavourless cooking oil. (2) In a medium mixing bowl, mix together rolled oats and baking powder with a fork. (3) Then stir in milk, maple syrup and lightly beaten egg untill well combined. Transfer the mixture to the greased baking dish. (4) Dollop peanut butter evenly, followed by sliced bananas. (5) Bake for 30 to 40 minutes until the mixture is set and edge is brown. Allow the baked oatmeal to rest for 5 minutes before serving.

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8 thoughts on “Baked Oatmeal with Bananas & Peanut Butter

  1. I love making baked oatmeal for my breakfast– I make a big batch and portion it out for my week. I am wondering if I were to use this recipe for my weeks worth of breakfasts would the bananas brown after a while? Would it change the consistency/baking time if I just mashed them and mixed them into the batter?

    • Hi Nicole,
      I think you’d better off to mix them into the batter as the bananas will go brown after a while. Having said that, I have not tried with adding mashed bananas hence unable to advise you on the change of consistency & baking time. However, I would actually make the baked oatmeal without the banana and add freshly sliced bananas as you eat the baked oatmeal.

      Emily x

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