Baked Blueberry & Chocolate Doughnuts (Donut) Recipe

Baked Blueberry & Chocolate Doughnuts (Donut) Recipe a2

I love having breakfast on the go. The truth is I am not a morning person and snoozing the alarm clock is kinda my forte in the morning haha!.  However, thanks to my Asian upbringing, I have this notion that “it is bad to eat while walking around” embedded deeply in my mind which explains the subconscious guilt I felt whenever I do so. Do you think this is true or it’s just an Asian thing? Just tell me it’s an Asian thing. *wink*

Speaking of breakfast on the go, muffins came to mind. Over the years, I have made many varieties of muffins such as this and this. Mostly I tried to incorporate fruits in them. However, I’m at a point of changing my approach to muffins. Let’s take it up a notch, shall we? Let’s change the shape of the muffins of call them baked doughnuts. Say whaaat… ? Why not. The last time I made baked doughnuts, the first impression I got was they tasted like muffins in the shape of a doughnut. They were good though but the Tim Tam addition made them better.

This time I made baked doughnuts with blueberries with chocolate drizzles for breakfast. Don’t you love the idea of having doughnuts for breakfast? It’ll be a good way to earn some cool points from the people around you, chowing down doughnuts for brekkie heh? They don’t have to know it is a baked version. *wink*






Baked Blueberry & Chocolate Doughnuts (Donut) Recipe a1

Totally random and non-baked-doughnut related, my teriyaki chicken recipe and photo was featured on the Diet Pepsi website today. It’s always nice to see my work on other websites (with link/credit back to my site, of course!)!  I would like to take the opportunity to thank Diet Pepsi for the feature. You can check out the recipe here. 🙂


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