Tiger Toasts

Can you guess what I put on my toast?


Are you even interested what I put on my toasts?

After this, I can officially be named the LAZIEST FOOD BLOGGER in the blogosphere for putting toasts on post for the fourth time (other toasts recipes can be found  here under “toasts and sandwiches”)!

Allow me to present you with tiger toasts – a fun way of making cheese and Vegemite toasts!

I realise this may be wayyyyy… too much Vegemite for some of you, which I can totally understand. Therefore please add another plain slice of toast to mellow down the “Vegemite” effect.

{my favourite cheese}

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12 thoughts on “Tiger Toasts

    • Vegemite is an acquired taste….It took me a while to love it but when I do, I fall hard!! lol (as evident by the thick slap of vegemite on my toasts)

  1. Don’t be sorry for posting toasts! I love toasts and your tiger toasts look awesome and delicious to me. What I don’t exactly know about is the Vegemite spread? Pretty interesting when you mentioned about its taste. Seems to me that not a lot of people are big fans of it. Can you enlighten me more about this Vegemite?

    • Hi Alison! Thanks for your kind words. 🙂 Vegemite is a spread made out of yeast extract…I’m not sure whether you have had marmite or bovril before…it’s quite similar but it’s a non-meat version.

      It’s a quite popular choice of spread in Australia. Usually you slather some butter on the toast first, then spread a tiny bit of vegemite over it. Until recently, the company has released a new product line called Vegemite Cheesybite which a mix of vegemite and cream cheese.

      To describe its taste, it is quite salty if you have a lot….and a slight hint of bitterness. It doesn’t appear too impressive in words…it is something you have to try once…especially you’re in Australia, lol. 😀

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