Sweet Chilli, Hoisin, Tofu & Vegetables Noodles

Sweet Chilli & Hoisin Tofu & Vegetables Noodles a2

I have been reaching for these sweet chilli marinated tofu nuggets when I felt like a meat-free stir fry. As they are already marinated, all I needed to bulk up my stir fry are vegetables and soy sauce.  With that being said, I have also been experimenting with different flavours which complement the sweet chilli sauce.  

This brings me to the hoisin sauce and sweet chilli combo. Since they are both on the sweet side, you’ll need savoury elements like soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger and garlic to balance the sweetness.  I have made this stir fry last Wednesday night with noodles, celery, carrots and choy sum. Sometimes, a hearty meal can be made out of a vegetable heavy dish. Don’t you agree?

Sweet Chilli & Hoisin Tofu & Vegetables Noodles a3





Sweet Chilli & Hoisin Tofu & Vegetables Noodles a8

Stir-Fry Sweet Chilli Noodles with Vegetables & Tofu | fussfreecooking.com

My go-to easy meat free dish is a noodles stir fry such as the above. How about you? What is your go-to meat free dish?

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5 thoughts on “Sweet Chilli, Hoisin, Tofu & Vegetables Noodles

  1. I haven’t seen this brand before but I do often keep a packet of pressed tofu in the fridge for a last minute stir-fry (or Vietnamese rice paper roll!). I also have haloumi and feta in the fridge too – they all keep for ages and can be used to supplement a last minute meal.

    • I wanted to try a dish using vegetable noodles. My son and his fiancée who are vegetarians will love this dish. I will try it this week. Thanks

  2. This is REALLY good!

    I followed the recipe almost exactly, except that since I couldn’t get the nuggets I simply marinated chunks of tofu for a couple of hours in sweet chilli sauce, which worked great. I also threw in a bit of broccoli and some red pepper that I had kicking around the fridge.
    Very tasty, this will become a regular part of our dinner rotation.

    Thanks for sharing ! 🙂

    • Thank you Sonja, for trying the recipe and took the time to write me the wonderful feedback! I really appreciate it and happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed the recipe!

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