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I used to get really stressed out whenever I hosted a dinner party at my place.  Perhaps it is the perfectionist in me that always aims for something spectacular, you know, a variety of dishes with all that “wow factor”. I tended to end up with a grocery list that felt like it could reach the floor!  I was feeling exhausted even before the party began. My beloved, on the other hand, has a more spontaneous and no fuss approach to hosting a dinner party. When he plans something at short notice, he prepares a large of pot of bean curry and rice. There you go, conquering a dinner party with a pot of curry and rice!  As it turns out the party is no less enjoyable and the guests go home, just as happy.

It’s true when they say it is the company that matters. I may have over engineered the idea of a dinner party in the past. It does not need to be a large spread. It can be simple and fun. If all it takes is a delicious and easy one dish meal where everyone can enjoy, so be it.  And hooray for that!

This brings me to the idea of a soup party, which is perfect for a cosy night in. And let’s be honest, it sounds better than “just soup” for dinner.  Hands’ up if you’ve have been there! This mini soup party between my beloved and I was my first attempt, done in a very simple way with one pot of tomato soup, four different toppings that will add a bit of texture to your soup.

These were my choice of toppings:-

Simple Soup Party a7

With croutons: I diced 2 slices of rye bread and toasted in the oven with some olive for 20 minutes.

Simple Soup Party a8

With sweet potato parmigiana bites. You can see the recipe here.

Simple Soup Party a9

With Chang’s crunchy noodles. This was not the first time I’ve garnished my soup with these crunchy noodles ha!

Simple Soup Party a10With crushed corn chips.


The idea of a soup party is not revolutionary as it has been done by others before. The Kitchn has shared 5 tips of hosting a soup party and the House and Magazine has provided a detailed insight of a soup party and included 2 soup recipes that will compliment each other should you decided to go with more than one type of soup.

What do you think? Is soup party something you will try?

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