Pantry Pumpkin Risotto

Pantry Pumpkin Risotto a3

As strange as it sounds, as a self-proclaimed fuss free Emily doesn’t actually mind the stirring when it comes to making risotto. Whilst most people are looking for a no-stir recipe, I, on the other hand, find mindless repetitive motion to be therapeutic. The same reason I volunteered to do cherry sorting at my friend’s farm in December last year.

No Italian would be caught dead making risotto without stock or with canned soup. So be prepared for a not-so-authentic risotto recipe. This pantry risotto came about when I had this massive craving for mushroom risotto. At the time I decided to make the best of what I had in my pantry which was Arborio rice, onion and a can of ready-to-serve Campbell Country Ladle Creamy Chicken, Mushroom & Wild Rice soup (PLEASE BEWARE THAT IT IS NOT THE CONCENTRATED KIND). To soften the rice, I just kept adding hot water and when the rice was about 80%-90%, I added the ready-made mushroom soup. Stir again until the soup is absorbed by the rice. After this, you can more hot water to cook the rice to your desired “al dente” and, bob’s your uncle!

As I happened to love pumpkin risotto, I thought the same principle will apply to make pumpkin risotto without actually working on an actual pumpkin.







Pantry Pumpkin Risotto a2

Are you a fan of risotto? What’s your favourite risotto combinations?


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  1. Hello, if you do not mind, may I know what camera did you used for these pictures? And if it’s a DSLR, which lens? It’s clearly beautiful! Thank you so much in advance! 😉

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