Make Your Own Fresh Pumpkin Puree

Make your own fresh pumpkin puree  a3

We are way past Autumn down under in Australia; yet somehow the idea of Halloween had made me crave pumpkin all over again! The good thing is my love of all things pumpkin. My favourite thing about pumpkin is it’s natural sweetness, and it’s soft and fluffy texture, when it’s cooked. What I don’t like about pumpkin is the hassle involved in cutting and removing it’s skin. I think you know what I mean! How many of you have cut into a rather large pumpkin and just struggled to remove the top? My advice is to use a strong and sturdy knife (and hopefully that comes with a side order of a strong and sturdy man haha 🙂 )

All jokes aside though I decided to use my pumpkin to make a bit of pumpkin puree. Since I haven’t come across canned pumpkin puree yet making pumpkin puree was not as difficult as I’d imagined!

Here’s how I did it.







Make your own fresh pumpkin puree  a4


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3 thoughts on “Make Your Own Fresh Pumpkin Puree

  1. Never knew you could do this in the oven! Really good to see it worked for you, I hope it will work for me 2 🙂
    For what recipes do you use pumpkin puree for?

  2. What beautiful colour! I tried to do this once in a dry pan and the squash came out positively dry, chalky and disappointing. Nice to know a bit of water can make the difference. Thanks for sharing!

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