Chickpea Curry (Chole)

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Winter is the best time of the year to enjoy curry. With that being said, summer doesn’t hamper my curry cravings either.  There’s something about coming home to a bowl of piping hot and spices filed meal. I have been called a “rice pot” for my profound love for rice. Curry and rice makes me really happy and comforted and it is something I can make intuitively.

We have a friend staying with us currently and he is a vegetarian.  When it comes to making tasty vegetarian meals, Indian cuisines are the way to go for me. So far, I have made a vegetarian version of the briyani with potatoes and lentils and it was a success. In a predictable fashion, my next Indian dish in line was chickpea curry. It is a recipe from my beloved’s mother which I used repeatedly and was feature on my blog some time ago.

Then my friend showed me his way of making chickpea curry. Cooking requires lifetime learning. Whilst I’m contented with my current way of cooking  chole (indian word for chickpea curry), there’s always room to learn another way. In fact,  I was introduced to a new spice – asafoetida which brings a new flavour to my chickpea curry which makes the curry taste authentic and complex in flavour.  Having said that, a teeny tiny bit of asafoetida goes a long way or else the whole dish will be ruin. 

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A short fact on asafoetida:-

“Asafoetida is highly reputed as a drug to expel wind from the stomach, and to counteract spasmodic disorders. It is also a digestive agent and is used, among other things, for alleviating toothache and as an antidote for opium. Due to the presence of sulphur compounds, raw asafetida has a distinctive pungent aroma. To cook with asafetida, small quantities of the powdered form are sauteed in a little slightly-hot oil or ghee, before adding to a variety of savoury dishes, adding a delicious flavour reminiscent of a mixture of shallots and garlic.” (source:

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