All-Bran FibreToppers and Grilled Capsicum Omelette

(Sponsored by Kellogg’s and Nuffnang)

I’m honoured to be part of the Kellogg’s “feel All-Bran new with All-Bran Fibre Toppers” campaign. For this campaign, I need to consume a serve of All-Bran Fibre Toppers at least once a day for seven days.

Writing this on the last day of the challenge, I couldn’t help but to feel a sense of achievement for being at the finishing line. Furthermore, it turned out to be a good routine to keep in effort to add more fibre in my diet.  Aside from fruits and vegetables as my source of fibre, high fibre cereals can complement the recommended daily requirement that I need.

I love the idea of having cereals in many ways other than with reduced, low or no fat milk. Here’s a brief recap on how I have been incorporated the high-fibre morsels in my food in the past week:-

{My home made All-Bran Fibre Toppers Banana Muffins – recipe is now available on}

{Toppings on my favourite sorbet}

{A filler for my omelette with wholemeal/wholegrain toast  – recipe below}

{green apple + salt reduced peanut butter + All-Bran Fibre Toppers  – surprisingly delicious!}

All-Bran Fibre Toppers and Grilled Capsicum Omelette

Ingredients for one serving:-

  • 2 eggs
  • 25g Kellogg’s All-Bran Fibre Toppers
  • A slice of grilled capsicum
  • Fresh basil
  • White pepper
  • Olive oil for cooking


1. Beat two eggs in a small bowl. Set aside.

2. Add All-Bran Fibre Toppers to the beaten eggs.

3. Slice grilled capsicum and add to the egg mixture.

4. Finely slice some fresh basil leaves. Leave some for garnish later.

{Home grown basil from my friend’s garden}

 5. Add basil and white pepper to the egg mixture. Beat gently to combine.

6. Heat some olive oil in a small pan over high heat. When the oil is hot, pour the egg mixture into the pan and turn the heat to low. When the top is almost cooked, roll the egg in the pan until resembles a roll (fajitas).

7. Serve immediately with some wholegrain/wholemeal toasts.

{Hot breakfast + Coffee + Reading = My ideal morning}


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