Thai-Style Garlic Chicken

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I go through phases when it comes to cooking. There was a week that all I cook was Indian and the other was Italian. As evident on my blog lately, I have been enjoying way too much of Thai cooking. I think it has something to do with the fact that we were gifted with some homegrown bird’s eye chillies. 😉

When I seek inspiration on chicken recipes on pinterest (you can check out my pin boards @fussfreecooking), it came to my realisation that I have a weakness of chicken with sweet, savoury, dark and sticky exterior. Not only they look finger lickin’ good on the photos, I enjoy the taste as much as its’ visual.

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This Thai-style garlic chicken is a really simple recipe which I have found on Super Food Ideas – Super Savers – a recipe booklet which I have acquired some time ago. It has everything I love in a recipe – simple cooking process but complex in flavours. I love garlic. I love chilli. I love sweet, savoury and glossy glaze. I love fresh coriander. Imagine these mix of flavours together with a bowl of hot and steamy rice. Oh boy, there is no words!

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9 thoughts on “Thai-Style Garlic Chicken

  1. This was a perfect dish to make on a hot summer day. I made it last night and the kids loved it. I used half a pepper to make it more to the taste of my 3 year-old. We’ll def have this one again. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My wife is our chef in the house(of course). It is her birthday and I planned to have a surprise dinner date to her. I cooked this and hope that the result is great. And she was happy and said “I’m glad you cooked well”. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  3. What a fantastic dish. Never used Bird’s Eye chili before but love the heat; hot but not overwhelming!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Gena,

      Thank you for trying the recipe and your wonderful feedback! I am delighted to learn that it is in your rotation. 🙂 x Emily

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