Smoked Chicken, Quinoa & Red Lentil Soup

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This year, I have been diligent in preparing our meals over the weekend before the start of a work week.  Rather than getting takeaway pizzas or my guilty-pleasure – fast food burgers and chips, we have decided that these should be a “luxury” rather than a “necessity”. In addition, we want to explore the local restaurants in Orange. Therefore most of our dining out budget has gone to that instead of takeaways. Most people would agree that this is a wise decision eh? *wink*

Some of my do-ahead dishes have been shared on the blog.


(Clockwise from top left)

As you can see these dishes can stand the test of time i.e. the flavours develops as the time goes.  All the above dishes except for the chicken biryani are quite effortless considering the quantity I have to make.

Since they are on a constant rotation for the year, I though it is time to add a new dish (soup) to the list.  It is a smoked chicken and red lentil soup – a recipe by Matthew Evans. According to Matthew, it is a twist to a pea and ham soup recipe which I thought was very clever!






This book talks about the food philosophy of one degree of separation and to raise awareness on how food is made and grown. According to Matthew, the ideal is to be one step away from the source of your produce. However, practically. the closest thing to achieve this is to shop at local farmers’ markets. I am still reading through the book but his lentil soup recipe really stood out to me. For those who embarked on this food philosophy, the actual recipe from his book is as follows:-

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