Slow-Cooked Beef Ragu Pasta

Slow-Cooked Beef Ragu Pasta a1

I have struggled with cooking red meat in the past. It’s either turned out dry and stringy and/or too light handed with the seasonings. Hence, it’s not surprising I cook with chicken a lot. Later on, someone told me about the aftermath of eating too much chicken for men – which is all men’s worst nightmare – man-boobs! It was the same reason I stopped giving soy milk to my beloved ha!

Regardless whether the above is a myth or not, I probably don’t want to test it via the hard way, especially not for my beloved’s sake. So, I’ve tried to work with red meat again.  Before I go further, I would like to highlight that I’m not going to start a red meat heavy diet and stop eating chicken completely. It’s more from the point of view of trying to diversify our meat intake, a healthy rotation between white and red meat instead of a chicken only diet. In addition, I’m not forgetting the inclusion of a lot fruits and vegetables.

From the cooking’s point-of-view, it’s my goal to be a versatile cook. I like to venture out of my comfort zone to try cooking with different ingredients. It’s part of the fun of cooking at home, exploration and experimentation. It is also a great way to stay away from cooking rut, no?

As I’ve mentioned a couple of posts ago, slow cooker is my favourite kitchen gadget at the moment. As the weather in Orange is getting colder, the need for a slow-cooked dish becomes more apparent. Besides throwing together a no fuss Sri Lankan Chicken Curry, I’ve found myself making slow-cooked beef ragu fairly often.

Usually, you’ll find broth, red wine and bay leaves to be among the ingredients for beef ragu. To keep it rather simple in the ingredient department, my ragu recipe contains only 6 ingredients, not counting olive oil, salt and black pepper. Despite the simplified ingredient list, it delivers in the taste department. Rich, meaty and luscious sauce with the subtle hint of dried Italian herbs to tame the meaty aroma – it is the kind of comfort meal you yearned for on a cold, cold autumn night in Orange.

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17 thoughts on “Slow-Cooked Beef Ragu Pasta

  1. I can cook with meat in dishes like this but CANNOT cook “just meat”, like a steak, without it turning out terribly. I don’t think Aussie chickens have hormones in them so would man-boobs still be an issue?

  2. Just turned on my slow cooker with this recipe the smell coming from my kitchen is amazing. I did add a few more ingredients celery, carrot, bacon and red wine cant wait to eat it shame I have to wait.

  3. Emily I just adore this ragu. It is so easy to make. It is on my list of favourites. Thank you!

    • Hi Janeen,

      Thank you for trying the recipe and left a wonderful feedback! It makes me really happy to learn that it made to your list of favourites, thank you Janeen! x Emily

  4. Hey just tried your recipe. It was very tasty. I added yellow pepper and carrots and had mine in the slow-cooker for about 4 hours on high and the meat pulled apart perfectly. It was very good but I might add red wine/beef broth to deepen the flavour a bit.

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