No Fuss Brunch Idea: All In One Omelette

This was what I had for brunch a couple of hours ago.

The reason it was “all in one” is I’ve added bread to my omelette. Oh yes, it appears that I have taken my laziness to a whole new level – so lazy to even toast my bread in a toaster!

This may sound strange, but the idea of one pot meal or in this case, one-pan brunch feels very hearty and comforting to me.ย  Hope you’ll like it! ๐Ÿ™‚

WHAT YOU NEED…(for one person)

  • 2 eggs, beaten until frothy – and also seasoned with salt, freshly ground pepper and chili flakes (optional).ย  You can also add any of your favourite dried herbs if you like.

  • I need meat in my omelette. Hence some leftover store-bought roast chicken is in order. ๐Ÿ™‚ If not, any cold meat like hamย  or canned tuna would be fine.

  • And yes, brunch would not be complete without carb. This may sound manly butย  I NEED CARB to survive the day….hehe! Use any breadย  you like. If you run out of bread, I reckon shreds of tortilla wrap or potato chips (as seen in NotQuiteNigella) if you are feeling cheeky; even leftover rice and pasta will do too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Last but no least, CHEESE. I’ve used processed cheese but of course, any cheeses you have in your fridge will do. (Sorry no photo).
  • As a finishing touch, add any fresh herbs like chives and in my case, coriander. This is totally optional. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Heat a small pan with some oil (over small to medium heat). When the oil is hot, add the beaten egg followed by shreds of chicken, cheese and bread (both torn by hands).
  • When the side (facing the pan) is cooked, flip to the other side using a spatula. To make an almost perfect flip, slide the spatula to the middle of the omelette, lift it slightly upwards from the pan and flip. DO NOT PANIC when the toppings start falling off! The “fell off” bits will bind with the omelette as it cooks.

  • After both sides are cooked, sprinkle fresh herbs over the omelette just before serving.

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17 thoughts on “No Fuss Brunch Idea: All In One Omelette

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  2. I love that you added bread to your omlette! Does that make it kind of like a french bread omelette? ๐Ÿ™‚

    sigh… you take such good pictures. Mine are so horrible!

    • Some bits that got soaked in the egg will remind you of french toast but the bits that aren’t will be like pan toasted bread…so you have crusty and eggy breaddy texture..sounds pretty complex for an omelette eh? Hehehe!

  3. im always looking for easy omelette ideas as a busy college student, and this made me feel like a rock star- no fuss brunch indeed!

    i used canned tuna and was worried it would be underseasoned but a little sea salt fixed that perfectly

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