Meatzza by Nigella Lawson (from her book “Nigellissima”)

Meatzza by Nigella Lawson (from her book "Nigellissima") a7

Meatzza – this may be the ultimate meat lovers’ pizza! Instead of bread dough, the pizza crust is made of mince beef. I watched an episode of Nigellissma on Youtube where Ms Lawson made a meatzza. If the domestic goddess says it is okay to make a meatzza, you follow without any question. I prefer to watch her in action instead of reading her books. Over the years, I have collected some of her cookbooks but it’s her shows and charisma that compelled me to try her recipes.

My beloved has returned from a 3 weeks overseas trip and we celebrated our reunion with a meatzza.  Whilst it is called a meatzza, it could easily be passed off as a gigantic burger without the buns or a meatball pancake with toppings! Despite the quirkiness of the dish, it was tasty and quite easy to make. I meant this dish has already won half of the battle with the melted cheese on top right?


Meatzza by Nigella Lawson (from her book "Nigellissima") a4

Meatzza by Nigella Lawson (from her book "Nigellissima") a5


Meatzza by Nigella Lawson (from her book "Nigellissima") a8

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