Homemade Pizza Dough

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I have probably mentioned like a million times that bread making is not my forte. The closest that I ever consider of baking a bread is to get myself a bread maker which sadly, still amongst my very long wish list of kitchenware.

Making our own pizza dough was my friend’s idea. I was my friend’s baking assistant on that day and for once, I had the pleasure of having someone doing all the work while my job was to take photographs and EAT! I think I can use to that ha!

Surprisingly, once I’ve witnessed how it was done first hand, the fear of bread baking has diminished. It wasn’t scary or cumbersome at all. With proper planning, it can be a form of relaxation (honest!) and the end result was very rewarding, like most food that was made from scratch.

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I love prawns on pizza. I smeared some homemade basil pesto on the pizza dough and strategically arranged the sautéed prawns (with olive oil). Then I scattered grated cheese (quite generously) and some dried Italian herbs as a finishing touch before baking. For visual effect as well as taste, I scattered some fresh rocket leaves (arugula) after the pizza has finished baking.

Have you tried making pizza dough at home? What’s your favourite toppings?

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5 thoughts on “Homemade Pizza Dough

  1. Your oiled bowl-photo is really cool! You can also see all the people reflecting in it :).
    I’m always making my own pizzadough whenever we eat pizza. Everyone loves picking their own favourite toppings. Recently I’ve bought a pizzastone, and the pizza’s baked on it were really delicious; crispy bottom!
    Oh, my favourite toppings are pineapple, mushrooms and ham, Hawaiian-pizza 🙂

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