Cheat’s Cottage Pies with Gnocchi Topping

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Counting chicken curry and steak and black pepper pies as my preferred choices of pies, cottage pie has somehow fallen out of my radar for a long time.  In fact, I don’t even remember the last time I actually had eaten one. My recent visit to the new pub on the block – Biddy Walsh’s Irish Pub has led to my new-found love for cottage pie albeit the fact that I felt the portion size was a little too generous especially for lunch.

I have been looking forward to having another cottage pie since my last visit to Biddy Walsh’s.  Since I am an independent woman who loves taking things into my own hand especially when it comes to appease my silly food cravings, I thought why not to make one myself ha! To justify another sneaky cookbook purchase from Aldi, I was going through the new addition to my cookbook family – “Faking It – How to cook delicious food without really trying” by Valli Little in search some inspirations. As always, I admire Valli’s brilliance in her recipes and without fail, she has inspired me to make a really simple but no less spectacular cottage pie with a twist.

Originally, cottage pies are topped with mashed potato. But if you are time pressed or simply lack of motivation of going through the process of boiling, peeling and mashing potatoes, boiled gnocchi is another clever option for a cottage pie topping.






Also, I am so happy to discover that my PB&J sandwich is one of the 7 PB&J recipes featured on! This marks  a great start to my weekend. Thank you for featuring my recipe Bon Appetite Mag! The article can be found here

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