Chipotle Salmon and Sweet Corn Baked Macaroni

chipotle salmon & sweet corn baked macaroni  a5

My beloved has been snacking on canned tuna to the extent that I have been influenced and followed suit. We have been experimenting with various ways to make our tuna sandwiches taste amazing.

Mix with tomato sauce and fresh onion anyone?

Or how about a mayo and cucumber combo?

Any wacky and delicious combo you would like to share?

I have also gone through the phase of having curried canned tuna accompanied with rice and a fried egg for dinner.  Personally, I find canned fish is a fuss free way to include fish in your diet.

Other than the above, I used canned fish, namely tuna or salmon in my pasta. To ramp up the flavour, I entrusted my favourite condiment of the year – chipotle in adobo sauce, oregano and ground cumin to make Mexican style pasta.  Remember my pantry pumpkin risotto, well, meet another meal I like to put together using pantry ingredients ­. Oh yeah, it is pretty obvious that I have been spending a lot of time rummaging my pantry ha! Two recipes from my pantry in a week? Someone has been busy decluttering hey?






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