Baked Croissant Sandwich Casserole & Kitchenware Superstore Giveaway Winner

Baked Croissant Sandwich Casserole a2

Cooking with cast iron cookware is a new territory for me. My first Le Creuset cookware was a 4.7L Oval French Oven in Beige which I used to make pasta sauce, stock and beriyani. Albeit it is a little heavy and requires some adjustments from a non-stick cookware user to a cast iron cookware user, I love the heat distribution and its solid build. They are the same reasons I love the omelette pan too. My friend told me that his mum was gifted a Le Creuset French Oven when she got married and two decades later, her French Oven is still going strong. It was a good enough reason for me to splurge on my very first Le Creuset French Oven and eventually I treated to myself to a salt pig and sugar bowl of the same brand. Thanks to Kitchenware Superstore, I can now add the omelette pan to my Le Creuset collection.

I am also excited that one of will be adding the Le Creuset Omelette Pan to your existing cookware collection! I’m so thankful for all your creative entries for my giveaway with Kitchenware Superstore. I have been spending my weekend mornings with this gorgeous pan ever since I have received it. It is a perfect size to make breakfast for two.  Case in point with the next recipe I’m going to share with you – the baked croissant sandwich casserole. You can use normal bread with this recipe but since I’m talking about French cookware, croissants are in order!  *wink*




Baked Croissant Sandwich Casserole a3

Okay guys, I’m not leaving you without announcing the winner for the giveaway. That would be cruel and irresponsible hey? The winner of the Le Creuset Omelette Pan Giveaway is Sarah T. I will also notify the winner via email. Thank you, Kitchenware Superstore for your generosity. Should you wish to shop for cookware online, please don’t forget to check out this store.

Speaking about cast iron cookware, I’d love to hear what’s your experience with them.

Happy cooking everyone!

xx Emily

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7 thoughts on “Baked Croissant Sandwich Casserole & Kitchenware Superstore Giveaway Winner

  1. Holy moly this is the breakfast sandwich of all sandwiches! This looks absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to make it for breakfast. I might even try this with challah bread just because I have some left over

  2. Bookmarked! lol cant wait to make this for my family. Why have I never thought to turn a Croissant into a Sandwich before! Thanks for this im sure ill get bonus points for making this for everyone

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