Asian Inspired Savoury & Sticky Barbeque (Barbecue) Beef

Savoury & Sticky Barbeque (Barbecue) Beef a1

I have mentioned countless times on this blog that I could not resist a bargain. Whether it is a cheap strawberry punnet or a pair of shoes that I probably can do without, as long as the prices are good, I am all over them ha! Lately, I have been a regular customer at Aldi Australia especially the Wednesday and Saturday where the specials are really amazing. Between my beloved and I, we have bought a brand new microwave oven, the transparent glass kettle, sweaters, T-shirts, plates, an egg cooker (which is still in the box), mirrored jewellery cabinet, double wall glasses…whole bunch of random stuff basically.

Now how is this related to my barbecue beef stir fry?

Well this dish is somewhat a product of my recent purchases from Aldi Australia which were the 4 Ingredients cookbooks and the Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce.  I was trying to find inspirations of how to use up 3 bottles of the barbecue sauce which may or may not an impulse purchase. *wink*  Considering it is only the two of us, 3 bottles are excessive. I wish we are the type who puts barbecue sauce on everything. I’m also thinking about making beef ribs with them. Sweet, sticky and slightly caramelised meat on bones, well it sounds really good to me. Until then, here is a simpler way to use up the excess sauce I currently have on hand.








Savoury & Sticky Barbeque (Barbecue) Beef a2

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